22 Apr 2011


Posted by Holli

Schools are on Spring Break right now in Haiti. Last week we contacted all of our families enrolled in the School Sponsorship program and asked them to come in Wednesday and Thursday for updates with the children. Susie has also worked hard on getting photos of siblings that have been adopted to give to the biological families when they came.

I arrived at the main house Wednesday morning to a packed courtyard! People flooded out from the waiting areas, under the carport and into the yard. Every spare chair we had was set out, and still no where near enough places to sit!

Nikki came down to help translate, and between her, Susie, Emelyne, Patrick, Magaly and myself we got through 147 kids the first day! Taking short videos and pictures of each child and family to send to sponsors in the coming weeks. Susie was able to get photos for almost every family of their biological child.

I loved watching the reactions of the families, especially the siblings, when they saw the photos. It was not what I had expected at all. I thought they might regard them with sullen acceptance, a tinge of bitterness? Not the case at all. The children’s faces lit up when they saw the image of their sibling. Huge smiles! Genuine happiness, whether it was simply seeing a photograph of them and how they had changed, or they are delighted at the fact their brother or sister is experiencing a life void of challenges they’d known. I saw no trace of jealousy. One boy took a photo of his sister and clutched it to his chest.

DSC05457As each parent held the photographs, they smiled, some beamed. I think what I saw on every face was the pride a parent feels in their children. They were proud of who this child is, and proud of the choice they made to give them to be adopted.

It was a busy couple of days, and so rewarding. Huge thanks to everyone who sponsors for our education program. YOU are making a difference in the lives of these families!

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  1. It is so very overwhelming to really begin to get somewhat of an understanding of what these parents and siblings must think and feel in giving their loved child up for adoption. I can’t truly understand what they feel, but just to try to catch a glimmer of that, sends me into uncontrollable tears.
    What an absolutely amazing thing that you do in giving a momma, a sister, a brother, a glimpse of the child they loved and for their hearts to feel that their loved baby is doing well and being loved….oh, so overwhelming ! I pray those families went to bed last night with an unexplainable peace in their hearts and that they continue to feel that peace given to them by Jesus !
    thank you for sharing this !


    Rori Hartzell

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